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Mobile camera solutions

Mobile and Vehicle Camera Solutions

Fleet departments can carry the highest expense risks for businesses. With high repair costs to financial liability, these expenses directly impact your bottom line.

Lanix Global will help you reduce costs through accident prevention technology that allows your company to identify risky behavior and correct it before an accident ever takes place.  Protect your drivers and management team from false claims and alert you to unauthorized activity.


Fight Fraudulent or Incorrect Liability Claims

With a visual record of an accident or other event, exonerate your drivers and your business from fraudulent at-fault accident claims.

Reduce Fleet Operating Costs

Reduce fuel waste and repairs by coaching drivers to improve bad behaviors such as inefficient driving, hard acceleration/ braking, speeding and idling.

Management Oversight and Dispatching

Get real time status and location of your fleet via GPS and integrate with Google Maps.  Set zones of operation and customize alerts with options such as location, speed and unplanned activity.  Communicate directly with drivers to manage activity and increase driver safety.

Reduce Repairs and Claims

Customers report a reduction of over 75% in fleet expenses from vehicle & property liability, and workers compensation claims.

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  • Client-Server Architecture
  • Intuitive Operation
  • Live Feed Cameras
  • Real Time GPS
  • Driving Alerts
  • Tracking and Zone departure
  • Supports Google maps

Ideal for: Fleet Management, Shuttle Operators, Freight and Delivery Companies, School Buses.


Cellular and Wi-Fi connections with automatic uploads

WDR imaging

Built-in G-sensor

Crash detection and Alerts

Integrated 2-way communication