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outdoor security cameras

IP Security Cameras

Lanix Global offers IP Security Cameras with cutting-edge technology that is designed to meet your needs.  We work with your company to design, install and service your system with the latest technology tailored to fit your business needs.

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Lanix Global has experience working with all types of companies, from growing businesses, to nationwide enterprises and local law enforcement institutions.  Regardless of the type of business, Lanix Global will:

  • Provide a comprehensive survey of your current system.
  • Design a proposal based on your company’s goals and budget requirements.
  • Create customized solutions for individualized needs.
  • Easily upgrade outdated analog technology to integrated IP systems.
  • Provide the latest technology to facilitate system integrations company wide.

IP Upgrade Success

Now you can easily upgrade from outdated analog systems to modern IP technology.

Enhanced IP Cameras

  • Premium level image quality
  • Enhanced detection capabilities
  • Video analytics and Integrations
  • Streaming capabilities


School security is a top priority for everyone.  Lanix Global has experience working with schools to create a safe learning environment that ensures the safety of students, teachers, and staff.  Nothing is more important then creating learning environments that feel safe and comfortable for our students.

Using the latest technologies, Lanix Global will work with your school to evaluate and design solutions using tools like keyless entry, video cameras and visual buzzer systems.  We work to make sure your system is easy to use, accessible and secure.

Commercial Office

Lanix Global specializes in working with commercial businesses to design systems that evolve with your growing needs.

Technology will always innovate and Lanix Global will help you navigate your security needs to create a secure environment for your business, your staff, and the people you serve everyday.


Government agencies on the local, state and federal level all have unique needs to secure and care for the people and property in their communities.

We team up with agencies to provide the highest quality protection using the latest technology to keep your communities secure.

We work together to design solutions within agency budgets that don’t compromise on safety or quality.

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Data Analytics

  • Data analysis
  • Optimize data for increased security
  • Increase sales revenue
  • Customize user experience