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Retail is changing with the growth of online stores.

Today’s retail is driven by technology and customer experience.

The right tools will give you the power to protect your business and engage your customers for optimized operations and customer results.  Give your technology a makeover to drive value and transform your business.

Camera System for Retail store
Camera Systems For Fleet


Improve overall operations, prevent damage and streamline operations with an integrated system that allows you to manage a complete picture of your vehicles and your property.

Safety is just as important as the people and vehicles you manage everyday.

Leverage your technology to optimize results.


Secure your properties and customers with an innovative solution designed to maximize your business needs.

DYLAN, our unique damage control system, is designed to reduce false claims, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.

Combined with IP Security Cameras and Access Control you now provide coverage of your entire perimeter, gates, and facilities with an innovative system that is easy to use and targeted to your industry needs.

car parking damage system
Security Cameras for School


There is nothing more important than delivering a safe and secure environment for schools these days.

It’s essential that schools have a system that is easy to use and manage without any compromise on quality.

We work with the latest visual technology to make sure you have the highest quality image and integrated management system available.

Ensure the safety of your students, staff and visitors throughout your properties including mobile options for your buses and transportation.


We work with property management companies to create safer environments for tenants and staff.

We design systems that reduce liability, deter criminal activity, decrease property damage, and so much more.

All of our systems can be customized and integrated to grow with your property.

So as your properties grow you can feel secure knowing you have put protections in place that are easy to manage and customize to your needs.

access control for Apartment complex
security system for hospitals


Health care environments need to be streamlined to focus on providing the highest quality care for their patients while ensuring protections are in place to keep them safe.

But to make that happen you need a security system that supports the unique needs of your facility and it’s people.

Lanix Global works with healthcare clinics to create safe and integrated systems that can manage video surveillance and access control in one secure system.


Technology is feeding the future of manufacturing and warehouse management.

Security for warehouse and industrial spaces is about more then simple coverage.

With the complexities of managing large spaces filled with people, equipment, product, and valuable resources you need a system that will give you a cohesive view of your space and systems so you can improve your operations, collaborate with key people, increase response time and ensure the safety of staff and visitors.

Camera System for Commercial space


Customer experience is the key to business success in today’s markets.

An easy to manage integrated system that includes your IP Cameras and Access Control together allow you to safeguard your business beyond your bottom line.

Now you can leverage your technology to provide an optimal customer experience and protect your people and property all in one system.  Intelligent technologies help you work smarter not harder.


Government agencies and organizations have the huge responsibility of safeguarding communities and infrastructures within the rapidly changing realities of today’s world.

Organizations must adopt proactive strategies that can be easily managed and integrated in order to partner with key players across community lines.

With high quality IP video, access control and customized solutions Lanix Global serves community partners to ensure the safety and security of your people, property and infrastructure.

access control for County

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