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Lanix Global Technology

Lanix Global Technology is the result of 20 years experience working with commercial businesses and government organizations. We are focused on redefining visual technologies to solve real world challenges our customers face everyday.

We think outside the box coming up with new ways to integrate intelligent software solutions with the latest security technology creating dynamic results that are easy to manage and secure.

Access Control

Easy access management scaled to meet your needs. Go beyond multi-door access and dynamic change capabilities. Integrate door access with camera systems and intelligent software solutions to optimize customer experience and maximize security.

Custom Solutions

Lanix Global drives progress by designing solutions to meet the needs of our customers. By listening to our customers we think beyond traditional packages to provide intuitive solutions customized for real results.

DYLAN Damage Control

Our DYLAN Damage Control System is a multi-camera system designed specifically to address damage and loss at key transition points for vehicles, freight or property onsite at your business. Ideal for transportation, parking, warehouse and fleet management. Maximize your ROI by reducing costs due to false claims and damage reports.

IP Security Cameras

Lanix provides on location evaluations, installation, training and support designed to integrate with your current infrastructure. Specializing in damage and loss prevention, Lanix Global provides systems designed to maximize your ROI with cutting edge visual and analysis technology.

Software Solutions

All of our integrative solutions include intelligent software designed with the customer in mind. Lanix Global provides on-site training, maintenance and on going support to ensure both systems and staff are kept up to date.

Mobile Camera Systems

Mobile camera solutions increase safety for your fleet of drivers and vehicles by increasing awareness and communication within your team and community partners which leads to greater outcomes that benefit all involved.


Lanix Global offers services that can scale with your business. We use leading edge security solutions because as your business grows so do the demands. Let Lanix Global be your partner in solving those needs with systems proven to drive results. We have ready to go turnkey solutions, maintenance options, and enterprise level services available. We also offer consulting services for your projects to help design the solution that is right for you.

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