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DYLAN Damage Control

False or fraudulent damage claims are a real problem for many businesses.  These claims cause undue expenses.  Whether paying for repairs or replacements, labor to process and research claims, and increased insurance premiums. Eating away at a company’s profits.  Our DYLAN Damage Control System reduces these types of claims.

The DYLAN Damage Control System is a high resolution HD multi-camera system designed specifically to address damage and loss at key transition points for vehicles, freight or property.

The cameras automatically record the condition of the vehicle, item or property as it passes through the image zone from multiple angles simultaneously, achieving a date and time stamped virtual 360° record.


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Easy To Use

DYLAN’s small footprint and scalability allows for easy and space effective installation. With optional additions such as LED lighting, LPR (license plate recognition), and customized camera angles you easily meet your specific requirements all wrapped in a single platform.

Dylan’s intuitive interface allows easy access in “Live View” to actively monitor conditions or access to logs for quick quality comparison.

Cut Costs While Improving Loss Prevention

Many companies simply are not able to staff a full loss prevention team. By keeping detailed, time stamped records of the condition of any vehicle or product at the arrival or departure of any site, the Dylan Damage Control System supports the damage checks done by your team.  It can operate as a stand-alone system, reducing the expense spent on these tasks by staff.

Combined with our Lanix Global Security Camera Systems, you can achieve a comprehensive record of any event or claim.


Paying out too much in questionable valet damage claims?

Let DYLAN help you reduce those claims by searching the vehicle by plate number and providing you with a visual record before your staff touches the vehicle.


Do you need a record of package conditions as they are moved through the dock?

DYLAN can provide a visual record of everything being passed through your doors.

Rental and Fleet Operations

Are you having difficulty recouping damage to your vehicles?

DYLAN can provide a visual record of everything being passed through your doors.

Reduce claims expenses with automated image capturing provided by The DYLAN Damage Control System. Providing you the evidence you need to better handle your claims.

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  • True HD and 4k Images available
    • Crisp clear images from the latest generation of HD digital cameras or upgrade to 4K cameras for even higher quality images.
  • Eliminate Erroneous/ Fraudulent Claims
    • Capture a digital record of every vehicle, item or property before it changes hands
  • Customizable
    • With multiple configurations, sizes and features, such as License Plate Recognition (LPR), the DYLAN Damage Control system can work for just about any requirement.
  • Intuitive Software
    • Easy to use software for search, playback, export and image capture that saves you time and money in processing claims.
  • Reduced Expense
    • With automatic image capture, reduce your damage claim expenses dramatically and possibly receiving a premium deduction from your insurance carrier just for having the system.
  • Quick Return on Investment
    • Some customers have reported the DYLAN Damage Control system pays for itself in as little as 1 claim!
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